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RARI or Sebastian shouted and 20 arrived!


(From: Jean Graton, Michel Vaillant)

  Finally it was so far: The first international CSA meeting takes place this weekend at the Lake Constance. Organized   with the help of Frank and Diana, the local regional representatives of the CSA register, by Sebastian Zeitz. For sure,   we have to be there!

  Friday, 17.08.2012 shortly before one at us in Munich:

  We and the cars are ready to go. Bomb-weather, which is terrific,   Gudruns cold at naught, my (a family heirloom) has just the peak   behind it (Snot, Snuff, Hust...).

  Hansi Baumgartner is with our "veteran", which has received most of   its miles on our travels in regions south of the Brenner pass on the   mileage, with us.

  We take the blue. His first major outing. So far, he knows only upper   Bavaria around the Lake Starnberg. Let's see how he works.

  I am a little suspicious.

  We enjoy a relaxed and beautiful access via the A96, Wangen, through the bushes south of Ravensburg, over   Meersburg on the lake shore along to Ludwigshafen at the Lake Constance. I notice: the "blue" has fire, the further   we get, the more toxic he get. Fun animal!

  As we arrive at the Seahotel Adler (very good hotel, directly at the sea), are already 3 cars from Switzerland in the   parking lot and the regional representative also just arrived.

  Big hello, first talks, after and after all arive. You can hear it, you smell it... I tell you one after the other, a sight! The   bright madness! Wherever wide grin on their faces! Zurich, Bern, Cologne, Aargau, Bamberg, Traunstein, a few to   name a few. The prize for the longest journey goes, I think, to Osnabrück!

  We enjoy a really good dinner with infinite gasoline and other discussions with top weather directly near the Lake.

  The evening will be concluded only by the waiter, who wants to knock at 01:30.

  The next morning's going at a time, also sustainable for the Night-
  hawks. Frank has created a wonderful exit, which was summarized by   Sebastian in a first-class roadbook including lightning's tips. Chapeau
  for the two!

  Can someone imagine, what is, when 16 (!) CSA go for a ride?


  Exactly: It throws you off, that's so unbelievable gorgeous!

  Via Singen (Visit to the salon, whose offer has clearly increased in terms of quality) over winding roads through
  beautiful landscape (incl. panoramic view, not well, if the driver wants to... enjoy it also) to the Rothaus brewery in the   town of the same name in the Woods.


  We had time for recreation in the beer garden (for what?), drink and   conversation, while our vehicles in the parking lot trying to cool off.

  A car park full of 18 (two were in Singen even met) CSA in white/black,   red/black and blue/black. There you break off!

  Photo session with extra color assorted fleet, I's saving me, can any

  of your own imagine, since what was offered... It was like in a fairy tale.

  And further we went along on the Schluchsee to the Titisee, pass the   field mountain and again on following curves retour to Ludwigshafen.   No problems and no failures; for sure, this were Abarth spider...

  No problems and no failures; for sure, this were Abarth spider...

  Sweaty (perhaps we would have leave our hardtop in the underground   car park) and happy we arrived back about 17:00 at the hotel.


  Can anyone imagine an underground car park completely full with   Abarth Spiders?

  Here we have this!

  Now, it came too, that at the same time to the Abarth rally meeting, the   annual "Häfler" fest took place on the park before and next to the hotel.

  This is a terrific regional classic car meeting, around a few hundred   vintage cars, from the Goggo until 1936 Mercedes 500 K with unique   Coupé bodywork (times the range of the vehicles to illustrate).

  Incredibly much flair, colorful crowd, various culinary offers (gummi   bears, wood cake) out to complete (!) Ox on the spit.

  The latter was still only rudimentarily available in evening, small stalls   with odds and ends and live music (up to at night to 3!).

  The whole thing was crowned to half eleven with a brilliant Firework.

  On our terrace we had there a box seat! Next year we will also go there   without the RARI meeting!

  After a further highly enjoyable evening full of talks and abarth wine, we   fall against half one in the bed and asleep quickly despite of the live   band in front of the window.

  A rich breakfast on the still cool terrace by the Lake brings the still   sleepy spirits back in motion.

  And lately as Sebastian comes with his CSA to the breakfast, all were   waked up. He had parked it picturesquely on the meadow on the banks.

  The first have already gone, the rest comes together for the memory   shot around Sebastian's car.

  The meeting is over, and so, now, it is time, to say goodbye.

  Only Hans, Ernst & Erich (another CSA crew from Munich), Frank &   Diana and we still remain there, to visit the "Häfler" Festival more   extensive.

  Yesterday, the time was defenitely too short, to for all of that.

  For the advanced time we decided, now not to drive towards on the   Alpine ridge along via Immenstadt and Füssen, but return the getting   way via A96, Wangen, Ravensburg, over Meersburg on the lake shore   along to Ludwigshafen at the Lake Constance.

  From here it gets tragi comical…

  Hans and we are drove off, fuel bunkering. The 3rd CSA does not. We drive first out from Ludwigshafen and try to call   Frank. Nothing. Briefly on the callback: The lucky dogs have locked up the car keys in the trunk. Sh.. We turn around,   maybe fit a key of us? You know the safe and high-quality security systems from Fiat. Hardly just before "Back" the   all-clear: They open the trunk with the help of a screwdriver. The lock goes even more.

  Bingo! Shortly stopped and let's go. Beautiful ride in the opposite direction and up on the A96.

  Shortly before the cross of Memmingen, it gets tough congested traffic. We drive to the parking lot, which was lying   randomly on the traffic jam end, "Nose powdering", because out, there's it always evil... no matter, we continue.

  We first, then Hans and then the 3rd CSA. About 10 min later and 300 m of distance, the distance between Hans and   number 3 is getting suspiciously large... Right out, the two in the back jump out of the car and push it on the range   tab. Oh, man... Assumed engine due to heat build-up and so it is really fun, the battery has offended the service   receipt. Had not only earlier Ernst enthusiastically described the reliability of this technical marvel from battery to me   (jump on after the winter without reloading...)? Nothing more from the front. OK, Hans ranks in addition, 2 CSA side   by side on the roadside strips, 5 people jump around and try's with battery booster cable. An eternity later
  Vroospotzspotzspotzoooommmm. He runs, let's go ahead. Almost nothing is moving now on the motorway. We had   that not noticed, and offered some car crews in their modern 08/15 cars some slapstick in perceived 45 ° in the   shade.

  So again on the motorway, the disabled vessel first, about 10 min later and approximately 500 m further... I saving it   me, you can imagine ever it... Three wrecking trucks crowd with noise by the traffic jam.

  Oh well, he runs again, we trace in, the disabled vessel first, about 10 min later and approx. 500 m away... I saving it   me, you can imagine ever it... While I'll help, Gudrun keeps our car from the passenger seat via accelerator in a good   mood. It is for him slowly too warm despite additional fan control. (Side note: A contral, that manually switch the fan   on, without the thermostat can be vital in such a situation, because so the engine and especially the carburetor can   be constantly cooled... can, but must not...).

  Oh well, he runs again, we trace in, the disabled vessel first, about 10 min later and ca. 700 m more... I saving it me,   you can imagine ever it...

  Now we stand in the beginning of the construction site/narrow point, two tracks on a narrow, on the puncture strip 2   CSA side by side, a little closely. Spotzspotzspotzvrooappppspotzgrummel, my Blue shows me his displeasure. Now   he must due to the space - and where the hell is Hans - hold also still to start the third CSA. And Hans? Who is just   behind us, in the middle of the highway, looks a little, hm, let's say from the rest. Our old red has gone out & refuses   to jump. Feeled like 50 ° in the shade, I hurry the Hans for help, a VW T3 overtake Hans right on the strip of break-
  down and drives me almost over the feet. Hans is now also in the breakdown lane. Electronic ignition overheat... Of   course, it's also a Fiat Argenta part...

  The CSA from Munich jumps on, with removing the battery booster cable, he eats almost this same cable, due to   missing cam belt covers, my blue shows up sensitive, is only with higher revolution speed running to keep, on Hans   CSA the ignition strikes, after a torrent of water and cooling leg compress, he has again sparks, the blue is slow   really pissed, Hans wants to start, the starter turns blank, trace not in, the blue smuts and runs still on only 3 pots   vroppppoppoppvrooppp, etc., on the motorway it is now slowly forward, Gudrun and the co-pilot from Munich push   Hans car (we need to keep the other, just living CSA, to run...), thanks God, it's downhill.

  Ernst to Gudrun: What will you say on Monday in the Office, what you did last weekend? Gudrun: I pushed on   Sunday an Abarth, with perceived 55° in the shadow, over the motorway, why? The red jumps immediately on, after   pushing him about 5 meters (of course, it's an Abarth), everyone jumps into the cars and let's go...

  Oh well, the things are going again Vrooppppspotzvroppopopopspotzvroo... (the inclined reader imagine that as a   triad), we trace, the disabled vessel first... (which one?) Correctly, the first...).

  AND: The traffic jam is behind us, we get easily to Munich (that the red, after a pause for "nose powdering" at the   motorway parking must be pushed and that @ Erich's home in front of his garage, even the brakes fail, we drop   generous under the table).

  That the whole action happens took place without vest and triangle, should be mentioned only on the edge. A sneaky   (traffic jam, already forgotten?) VW T5 in green and white, full of matching crew has not stopped, we harvested only   compassionate eyes. Understandable with perceived 60° in the shade...


  20, because one CSA already had again to leave on Saturday morning, and an owner came without his car (not   running yet and in restoration).

  Some more: the by me with skepticism, as failure potential candidate   suspected car, our blue, has been seen as a reliable and awesome car.

  Thank you, kid, I have suspected to you! All possible CSA interested,   who were able to enjoy the performance, will be looking now for a blue,   because the blue, are always running! The ignition system is now   replaced. Was old age with heat combined.

  Well, 70.000 kilometers in my car, and who knows how much in the life   before (was in 1989 a used part from a slaughtered Argenta) are simply   for the undestroyable known FIAT parts, a small little too much... And   the starter, we used simply too heavy (i want to be no one to close, but   "Made in Poland" is written on the part. Whether if this has something   to mean?)

  Oh yes, the common cold, which has evaporated now also away, on the A96 at perceived 65° in the shade.

  And once again:

  THANK YOU SO MUCH for this incredibly ingenious event! We look forward already really to the next "Raduno FIAT   124 Abarth rally".


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