Stung by the scorpio...

... the Fiat Abarth 124 Rally

  If someone had said to me a few years before that I will ever be with the german type consultant of the Fiat Abarth   124 Rally on the road and I will even be the owner of one of these rare pieces, I would have asked him: "Are you   crazy ?".

  Actually the whole life is a pure coincidence, from the beginning to the end, but sometimes we   are confronted with situations, which change us.

  With me it was in the year 2000 the case, when I became attentive by a BS 1 sales   announcement on the Abarth. I knew that I wanted a "cool" vintage car to buy, by which from   the beginning in here only a few were produced, but I would have never counted with an   Abarth.

  A few days later I have bought "Das große Fiat Spider Buch" and devoured chapters for   chapters. As I arrived on the 7. Chapter, I was electrified: Stung by the scorpio - the Fiat 124 Abarth Spider.

  Karl Abarth, which was born as a son of a South Tyrolean family on 15 November 1908 in Vienna, was before the   war a successful bike-racer and is still considered as synonym for fast Fiats.

  Together with Amando Scagliarini he took over in 1949 the marode company Cisitalia, the know-how of the two   should the most important capital for the Scuderia Abarth in the future represent. The Maestro had been two   decades long in competition-tuning on the way, and above all its sow-fast derivatives wrote on basis of the Fiat 500   and 600 racing history.

  Abarth's love applied alone for the racing, which he could afford only by the sales of his legendary-poisonous exhaust-systems and the tuning kits particularly for usual Fiat models.

When he had become acquainted in 1965 with the young Anneliese from Völklabruck, he did somewhat completely and misbecoming : It could be separated, in order to be able to marry
the attractive woman, and offered - after murderous continuous strike of the staff - his life's work at the Turiner Corso Marche to the Fiat giant.

On 1. August of 1971 his company turned into Agnellis enterprise, in order to become following the stronghold of the Fiat running department. For all sport activities of the Abarth enterprise was Gianfranco Squazzini responsible, whose task was it now to make the Fiat 124 sport Spider at the end of 1971 / at the beginning of 1972 towards a Rally car.

  To a brand-new High tech car developed at million-expenditure in the old Spider Look was not thus by any means   meant - rather the CSA (C-Spider-Abarth) should be, forerunner of the third generation.
Quelle: Das Große Fiat Spider Buch - Eberhard Kittler, Heel Verlag, Königswinter | nach oben