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  With the engine of the new one it should act around the 1756 ccm large four-cylinder of the Fiat 132, which should
  benefit in the autumn also Spider of the third capacity evolution stage (CS1). Advantage of this new short-stroker
  was above all its with high engine speedness.

  Exactly as later with the CS 1 the compression was with 9,8:1. However the   CS1/CC1-34er-registercarburetor was replaced by two 44-IDF-Weber-double
  carburetor. Fan-elbow and double exhaust were actually special

  All other the CSA after-said Goodies benefitted exclusively the sport
  versions - the spare part numbers for the CSA- and CS1-engines are
  absolutely identical! This concerned among the harder, ultralight titanium
  piston rods - to the employment of this stable material then among the part
  number in the spare parts catalogue points (in principle from that of the
  normal mirror-image the engine differs).

  Likewise only with GET down competition versions the light alloy cylinder head exhibited that increased suction
  ports, larger valves and harder valve springs; the cam shafts had a sharper profile.

  Nevertheless: the road version already heaved 128 HP when 6200 revolutions on five oh the stored crankshaft, and
  it was foreseeable that the competition versions would come loosely on at least 165 HP. More than 190 km/h reached
  the test vehicles in the civilian execution, within scarcely nine seconds was exceeded the 100-km/h-mark. As average
  test consumption comparatively moderate 13 Liter/100 km were measured. Basis for this indeed potent engine with a
  litre achievement of 72,9 HP/LITRES were always particularly selected engines of the 132er-modelline (132 OFF 1A 0
  and 132 AC 1000), whose achievement strewed upward.

  Today the CSA is considered as looked for piece of lover, from which most - all at the most 250 - are in Italy. Then
  Germany with at least 70 CSA (the very most of it already follows imported starting from 1983/1984 from Italy, while
  elsewhere far exist less: For example the Fiat twin Cam club in Great Britain reports whole seven civilian CSA on the
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