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            This Register was founded in December 2004 and trys since then to collect any information of all Fiat
            Abarth 124 Rally, which are still alive and already exists.

            The naming of the register has happend in January 2008. It fits in my eyes, because the brand Abarth
            celebrates a comeback in this year, and Carlo Abarth would have celebrated his 100th birthday also in
            this year.

            The target of the REGISTRO ABARTH RALLY INTERNAZIONALE is it also, to build a world wide community
            of the owners, which are meanwhile all around the world. At the moment are 265 of this rare cars listed.

            Everyone, who registered his Fiat Abarth 124 Rally here, can take a overview about all registered cars
            and stay in contact with the other owners.

            In 2012 has the first meeting taken place, of which hopefully many will follow, where 19 or 20 CSA
            have been there. The first meeting was unbelievable with perfect weather and a lot of Abarth emotions,
            which we celebrate.

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